We went looking for animals and found a magpie robin. Singapore Zoo. April 2018.

Copsychus saularis
An absolutely delightful passerine bird. It has black feathers with white feathers running from the belly to the undertail coverts. With a fresh set of feathers, the black feathers are very dark and shiny. The black beak appears grey in contrast to the feathers. Overtime, the black fades to grey. A white bar runs parallel to the length of its wings. The tip of the primaries are visible. It has long tail feathers that is more than half its body length.
It will repeatedly flick its tail upwards when it is excited, flashing its white vent and undertail coverts. Or just leaving it upright as it perches.
It is comfortable with foraging in the trees and on the ground. The caterpillars and worms hiding among the soil and barks of the tree cannot escape this alert hunter. They appear unaffected by people, allowing you to get closer than most birds. They curiously stare at you, observing your actions. Sometimes they hop around in delight while looking at you and I get a feeling they enjoy the attention you give them.
They sing a melodious tune that lights up your heart and soul. They will let you get close but only for a moment. Always busy with enjoying their life, they are constantly catching grubs and playing with their mates.
They are comfortable with perching on branches and foraging on the ground. While on the ground, they hop to move rather than walk like mynahs.

Pasir Ris, Singapore. May, 2016.

Pasir Ris Park, Singapore. July 2018. In Juvenile plumage - speckled white and grey chest.

Pasir Ris, Singapore. June, 2018.

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