Pulau Ubin, Singapore. 

Pcynonotus plumosus
The Olive-winged Bulbul is less common sight than the yellow-vented bulbul. I have only seen it in remote areas of Pulau Ubin and Sentosa where there are little presence of humans. It is distinctively recognisable by the white streaks that runs horizontal to its cheeks. The eyes has a dark red ring around the black center. The wings and tail are a brilliant olive colour which uncommon among birds. In the shade of the tree, the overall bronze-green plumage is dull which helps to blend in with the shadows. The throat and chest is a creamy white. The crown has specks of white amongst the grey.
It forages among the trees for fruits. It does not appear to be afraid of humans.

Taken top-down from the observation tower at Chek Jawa Mangrove, Pulau Ubin. July 2018.

Serapong Hill, Sentosa. June 2018.

Singapore Zoo. March 2020.

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